Blog 3 — The 14 months of Mental Quarantine

Life comes Full Circle

After a rollercoaster (in more ways than one!) ride through love and breakup, job loss, mother’s operation and my fracture, I was ready to restart my life back in Gurgaon. But my story picks up in Pune where I had gone first to celebrate my brother buying his new house.

A Sibling’s Success

My parents and I left Jamshedpur for Pune on 6th December 2020 — exactly a year from when ‘Love Covid’ hit me, and my world was turned upside down. Little was I prepared for a new set of emotions as I set off to see my brother and his new house.

The house was so lovely and it was really a dream house. Of course, we were all very happy for and proud of my brother. But I could not help feeling like a failure when I looked at myself who was elder than him but had no job, no money and no love. He had it all( House, car and above all got married to the love of his life)and I nothing. Overall though, I was very happy and proud of my brother as he had achieved all this with his hard work and dedication.

Now, it was time to return to Gurgaon but my leg started giving me trouble. When we went to a doctor, I discovered that I had multiple fractures that the earlier doctor had not detected. By now, I had started laughing at my situation! Things could not have gotten more ironic. I had to wear a soft plaster again for a month. God, tied down again!

Hidden Blessings?

One good thing came to pass from the ‘enforced’ long holiday I spent in Pune. I was able to get in touch with my old college friends (I had spent seven years at university in Pune). We planned a trip for the New Year’s. With a broken leg and broken heart, I went for the trip just to feel better.

We went to a beach near Pune which I love (I consider myself a water baby!). Spent time strolling, talking to myself and looking back at the year gone by and wondering about my future. Once back, I also got time to bond with my nephew who is my life, my bundle of joy and love. With him around, I forget all my worries. Now, I had to leave Pune after almost 2 months for a religious trip my mom had planned for my life to ‘get better’. With hopes for a better future I left for Gujarat, my home land to see my ‘kuldevi’ (family deity) . The trip was serene, brought in peace and hopes back.

I was also delighted to be honoured with the women achiever award in my community for my initiative — CreateHer. With a positive mindset and full of hopes and a new determination, I started my journey back to Gurgaon to make a fresh start.

A New Start

Returning to my rented house after six months, I found everything covered in a blanket of dust. I well and truly felt I was starting from zero — this was true quite literally as I had nothing( no job, no money and no love)but only hope when I came back. I came back empty handed.

I was on my journey, the special one that God wrote only for me and I think it was for the journey to take a beautiful turn. I got a message on the same night I landed in Delhi from a friend if i was looking for a job. I felt as if God had really blessed me. I thanked her and over the next ten days, after multiple rounds of interview, i finally got the job. I also started getting clients for my life coaching program.

My confidence enabled me to raise the bar and double the price I was charging for my coaching programme. In the beginning I was not confident if people would pay me that much but it happened…

So finally after 14 long months of my mental and emotional quarantine, I am back only to rise up from ground zero….new job, new house, new dreams, new love ( Self Love). And the journey has just begun!

A BIG Thank You

*Note — I want to say thank you to all my friends( they know who they are) for being there to listen to me when I was crying through the night and you were on the other end listening and comforting me. I wouldn’t have survived if it was not for you guys. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys and super blessed to have you all(the ones in Delhi, a couple of friends from Mumbai and the one sitting in a far away land). Also I really want to thank my love for teaching me to love myself more than loving someone else.

Life Transformation Coach